Our garden

Our garden is growing rather nicely.  A few weeks ago, we pulled out the weeds, turned up the soil, added a few bags of fresh soil.  Then we planted some carrot seeds and some bedding plants.  Yesterday, my son and I planted sweet peas in two rows down the middle.  Surrounding those rows, we have two tomato plants, a variety of lettuces, carrots, and two strawberry plants.

What started as a project for me and the boys has become a timely metaphor for our lives…for my life.  Starting anew.  Planting seeds.  Putting down roots.  Tending to our garden.  With sunshine, water, and some daily love, care, and attention.

It’s pretty simple, really.  We’re no different from a garden really.  What we need as human beings.  It’s when we stop taking care of what’s important that growth gets stunted.  And the weeds take over.  Not so nice anymore.  And a lot more work.


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